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Tadiran SL760/S - AA Lithium Battery

Tadiran SL760/S - AA Lithium Battery
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  • Tadiran Inorganic Super Lithium 3.6v AA battery.
  • Battery Type: AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery
  • Individual Battery Data (AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING DELIVERY. - These batteries must be delivered by specialist courier as they cannot be shipped by Royal mail. Please choose the Lithium bag delivery option when you place the order.  delivery charge will be £5.95 Plus VAT for up to 50 batteries
  • 3.6 lithium thionyl chloride battery which is non-rechargeable. It has a shelf life in excess of 10 years and a low self discharge. It has memory back-up characteristics and a hermetically sealed case.
  • Replaces: TL4903
  • Used in MYSON under floor heating systems
  • Also known as the LR07 or LR-07 battery
  • Used in Dive computers such as the VR3 and some Suunto and Uwatec models
  • Also used in Alarm and Security Systems and Garage Doors
  • Technology: Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Inorganic)
    Volt: 3.600
  • Nominal capacity 2.2 Ah
  • Nominal current 2 mA
  • Max. continuous discharge current 20 mA
  • Anode surface area 14 cm2
  • Weight 18 g
  • Volume 8.0 cm3
  • Temperature range -55 ?C ... +85 ?C
  • Compatibility
    Replacement for: AA, SL-760, SL-760/S, SL760, SL760/S, LR07, LR-07, LS14500

Sonnenschein Lithium GmbH has been renamed Tadiran Batteries GmbH
Tadiran was founded as a Joint venture between Tadiran and Sonnenschein in 1984 and in Europe operated under the name Sonnenschein Lithium up until February 2006. Now to show affiliation to the Tadiran group worldwide, the company name has now been changed to Tadiran Batteries GmbH.

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