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Ultramax U9VLX Lithium Battery (U9VLUMXB1)

Ultramax U9VLX Lithium Battery (U9VLUMXB1)
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  • Ultramax 9v PP3 size Lithium  LONG LIFE Smoke Alarm Battery
  • Lasts 3 times longer than the Alkaline equivelent
  • Equivelent to U9VL-X, U9VLX
  • These batteries are not rechargeable
  • These are  on blister card packages. They are Ultramax branded 10 year life batteries
  • These batteries are also the best for use in Microphone's and other Studio equipment that would normally take a standard 9v PP3 Battery
  • U9VL-X 10 year smoke alarm battery warranty


    We have several smoke alarms hard-wired in our home and have purchased your 9 volt lithium batteries. Your batteries are only guaranteed for 1 year on the packaging. How long can we expect these batteries to last at a minimum?


    We warranty our standard 9-volt lithium battery, model U9VLMUX (packaged for retail sale as model U9VLMUX) against any manufacturing defects for 1 year. If you purchased our '10 Year Smoke Alarm Battery' (packaged for retail sale as model U9VLMUX) from your local retailer we warranty the life of the battery for 10 years in an ionization-type smoke alarm. We will not warranty the battery in a photoelectric alarm for 10 years. However, you can still expect longer operating life in photoelectric alarms than with a standard alkaline battery.

  • To determine whether you have an ionization-type or photoelectric-type smoke alarm, look at the label on the back of the alarm. If it's an ionization type there will be a statement on the label similar to the following: "This device contains 0.9 microcurie of americium." If such a statement is not on the label then you have a photoelectric alarm

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