It looks like our jobs are not going to be taken over by robots just yet…

Technology baron Elon Musk warns of visions of a robot apocolypse when Terminator-esque machines decide they no longer need humans. But judging from the progress made by arguably the most advanced humanoid robots, if Terminator does show up, it won’t even be able to stack shelves without falling over.

The hilarious outtake was part of demonstration video, the advances made by former Google-owned company Boston Dynamics, featuring a series of robots including the Atlas humanoid automaton, which while impressive in many respects is far from a highly capable robotic killing machine – or by the loks of things 'job taker'.

While robotics have certainly come a long way, now able to stand, or even roll on skates in a video that can only be described as the stuff of nightmares, Boston Dynamics has shown that an  iRobot-style future is currently very, very far from reality.

So for the time being Boston Dynamics may not have achieved the goal of a house robot, but at least it has provided the world with amusement at a robot that tries so hard, but ultimately fails.

Harmony Kennedy

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